Friday, 7 August 2015

36/100 Bottle Green Sambalpuri



It was not a saree draping day. Horrible weather and no electricity in school most of the day. I couldn't wait to get home and change my saree. Draping sarees for 5 days in a row is too much even for the likes of me. And tomorrow too, I am planning to drape a saree!!

In the last two periods, I was like, what is happening? 

This saree belongs to my mom and is a much draped one. A Sambalpuri with floral patterns and paisleys and temple border not so common. I think most of the "not so usual" Sambalpuris we have, are due to my second mamaji. Whenever my mom visited Cuttack, and wanted to shop, he used to take her to all those shops which kept only exclusive stuff. She used to buy two, for herself and me. And my mamaji also gifted a saree or two. Now, no one remembers if mom bought this saree or was gifted. I have always loved her in it and got to drape it today for the first time.

Paired it with a printed maroon blouse. There are tiny multi coloured hearts all over the blouse. What else, but pearl earrings!

One great saree to celebrate the National Handloom Day...

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