Thursday, 30 April 2015

7/100 Tangail from Bengal



Don't you love it when you find sarees in your wardrobe that you had forgotten? And then you don't recall how you landed up with that particular saree in the first place. 

The saree I draped today falls in that category. It is a rich onion coloured tangail saree with beautiful turquoise and gold border. My mom too couldn't remember when or where we bought that particular saree. Maybe some exhibition or so.
I had draped it couple of times before today. I accessorised it with a turquoise bracelet and eardrops, set in silver which I had bought in Jaipur in 2007. That neck-piece in multicoloured beads is from a colleague. Thanks Sunita....:)

I look forward to my saree days each night, when I select my saree for the next day. My love for saree has revived and also inspiring a few of my colleagues.They have started draping sarees along with me. Six more days before summer vacations begin. However, I will keep finding reasons to drape a saree one way or the other....:D

Nowadays, I keep asking people to take my photographs. I am no good taking a selfie.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

6/100 Garden Vareli Saree



 An everyday saree bought from Garden Vareli long time back. One of those which are worn many many times and then lie forgotten in the back of the wardrobe. I matched it with a navy sleeveless blouse.

Mom took those pictures just before I started for school.

Totally lovin’ my sarees days..

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

5/100 Red Bordered Maharastrian



This red bordered cream saree is from Maharashtra and gifted by my middle SIL. (Yes, my SILs used to gift me sarees all the time. When I stopped wearing sarees, the gifts stopped.) It is some synthetic material, with tiny checks and is a everyday kind of saree. The combination is always in fashion. Very popular in school functions for Saraswati Vandana and Bengali dance programmes. This along with a red and white cotton tangail has been borrowed by my students for more times than I can count.

Nothing special about that sleeveless blouse. Red and green meena work eardrops are the only accessory I used. 

Bharti Sagar, my good friend, commented yesterday that my hair is the only accessory I need. Thanks doll, for saying that....

PS : Dear SILs, I have started draping sarees again. So get back to gifting me sarees...:D Sujata Tripathy, Meenu Tripathy, Punita Tripathy, are you reading this?

Monday, 27 April 2015

4/100 Everyday type of Saree

It is a no occasion saree. Gift from one of my three SILs, I don’t recall which one.
I love the vibrant colours. That blouse fit me after a long time. I am glad that I lost a little weight.
This saree is a good work day saree as it stays draped well all day long. My days are looking like fun days as I enjoying the saree days pretty much.
I need to buy more of accessories though. Summer hols are gonna be busy for me….:D

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

3/100 Odisha Sambalpuri gift from Kuni Nani



Some memories are so precious that one holds on to those forever. I had gone to Bhubaneswar in Dec 2011, for a cousin's wedding. I had promised my mamiji (maternal aunt) that I would attend their youngest son's wedding as and when it happened. 

I very rarely visit my home state. Last time I had visited in Nov 2002. My mom is second in number amongst ten children and well rspected by all her younger siblings. I too am much loved because my visits are far in between.

My mausi was wearing this particular Sambalpuri cotton sari and I told her I loved it on her. She too is a teacher. She lives in Sambalpur, Orissa and gets most of her saris directly from weavers. That day she was wearing it for the first time and the very next day, she gave it me after washing it. (Yes, you can wash Sambalpuri cottons at home). I was like, OMG! I cherish this spontaneous gift from my mausi who loves me like her daughter. 

I have draped it once before today with a plain red blouse. Today I chose one of those khadi blouses with embroidery. Anyone who has been draping saris has one or two of those khadi blouses. 

My mom wears Odisha Ikat all the time. I too own quite a lot of Odishi stuff. Be it saris or churidaar suits or dupattas. I love to flaunt my state on me, in one way or the other.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

2/100 South Cotton



In the teaching profession, wearing a sari used to be a norm. Somewhere down the line, we forgot that. We went for what we assumed as convenient wear. The sari was forgotten altogether. 

Sari draping is not as difficult as some think. There are a few basic rules to follow and you are done. I hardly ever take more than 5 minutes to drape one. It is choosing the accessories is what makes me mad.

The sari I chose for today was bought in Bangalore. My eldest SIL and I bought three similar saris, in black, beige and off- white. I chose the black, SIL chose the beige and we had bought the off-white for my mom.

Mom's sari no longer exists. She used it for daily wearing and that's about it. My SIL's beige one is still pristine new. I have worn mine a lot of times. With a plain black blouse. 

Today I wore pearl jewellery with it. Earrings and bangles were bought in Rameswaram, from the shop in President Kalam's residence. The strand is a fake and is a gift from a colleague....

Monday, 20 April 2015

1/100 Hakoba Saree Gift from SIL



I was in some kind of stress for the last three weeks. Pledging for #100sareepact got me out it to a great extent. Now I have something to look forward each day. Preparation starts the night before as I leave for school at 6:30 AM

This sari was given to me by my eldest SIL, Sujata Tripathy. She bought it from a Hakoba Exhibition. I had borrowed it from her lots of times. Maybe she was fed up with that..:D Finally she gave it me along with the blouse and petticoat...;)

That blouse is short in length for the likes of me. So I matched the sari with coffee colored blouse with Gold borders on the sleeves. I love the pastel shade of the sari with embroidery all over with off-white silken threads. The blouse I chose to wear enhanced the sari.

I seldom wear costume jewelery. Today I made an exception of it. I had bought these danglers from Dilli Haat, INA from a stall from Odisha. The bracelet is a gift from mt youngest SIL. She bought it for me from Somnath, Gujarat. These made a nice change from my usual wear of Gold, Silver and Platinum. I look forward to buy more such stuff. And I also I look forward to more such gifts from my relatives and friends. 

All are welcome, to gift, to comment, to praise, etc etc. You get my gist?

Sarees draped before the 100 Saree Pact