Sunday, 31 May 2015

15/100 Mysore Silk



Sometimes things you have not planned happens. I was having a lazy weekend. In my disreputable clothes. I got a call to meet someone. It was a date of sorts! 

Who goes to meet friends wearing a saree? But I decided to do that. Now this saree has a story. I prefer to drape Odisha sarees most of the times. I have plenty and I also keep buying.

My brother shifted to Bangalore in Jan 2002. His family was in Delhi. They were to shift in May. However, my dad passed away in May and his family did not shift till the next year, that is 2003. My SIL decided to stay in Delhi to support my maa who had gone to pieces after my dad's passing away. 

They shifted in May 2003. At that time, my youngest SIL was working in C DOT. She had to go to Bangalore in June. She asked me if I would like to go as she was taking her son with her. I was missing my brother and his family and agreed to go. We stayed there for a week. In the day time, my SIL did her office work, evenings we used to visit various places. One day was for shopping. I bought this Mysore silk saree, only one in my collection till date. It is easy to drape but I have not draped it much. Maybe twice. I bought that blouse from Nalli long time back. It goes with many of my sarees. If anyone suggests for any other blouse with this saree, I would welcome it.

Coming back to meeting my friend, he was surprised to see me in a saree. He had not expected it but he was pleased. 

We were so busy chatting, catching up, that we forgot to take pictures. So my pics after coming back home, taken by my mom...

Accessories, as usual, Pearl ear-drops! Very predictable, no?!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

14/100 Half and Half



Pics taken by Sanchita

UPDATE: My fish tale braid is made by my MOM!!

I was having breakfast yesterday, when I got a call from Sanchita Bansal. It is her birthday on 22 May and she wanted to buy some clothes for herself. I kind of coerced her to go to Dilli Haat, INA, by promising to accompany her to Rajouri Garden the day after.

For such outings, I usually wear jeans. I decided to drape a half and half saree. I had this printed skirt from FABINDIA. I seldom get to wear it. I own a lot of Odishi dupattas. I wear those to school all the times, by mixing and matching. Those are, in a way, my trademark. Most of the dupattas are gifts from my mom.

I combined one such dupatta for the pallu. Gold bordered green blouse is a random purchase and I wear it quite a lot. My skirt is blue with printed flowers, that dupatta has green and black borders, and like I mentioned above, my blouse is green. My mom helped me put up the ensemble. I accessorized it with turquoise ear-drops and bracelet, which I had bought from Jaipur, in the outlet in Amber (Amer) fort.

I bought two fully embroidered blouses from Dilli Haat.....for more saree stories....

Thursday, 14 May 2015

13/100 Odisha Bapta Patli Pallu



It was a lazy start of a week. Schools closed for summer. Officially. However, I have been to school twice.

I had not taken my mom out or bought anything for her on Mother's day. It had rained yesterday and the weather was kind today. Mom and I decided to go to various emporia.

I seldom drape a saree when I go for shopping but I decided to do so today. I raided my mom's wardrobe and selected this Odisha Bapta saree. The best thing about it, is the patlipallu. One of a kind saree in my mom's collection. Bapta is a mix of tussar and cotton. Such sarees are no longer weaved in Odisha. My mom has two such sarees, one has temple border and this one is patilipallu. I have draped both at various occasions. Both sarees are at least 30 years old. I suppose I will inherit both the sarees as none of my three SILs drape sarees. I might consider sharing with my eldest SIL, Sujata Tripathy!!

My mom too draped a cotton saree from Odisha, a fairly recent one gifted by one of her sisters. Sharing her picture too.....

As usual I had no accessories other than the pearl ones. But then pearls are eternal....

My mom wanted a saree only from Odisha emporium. We went there first. I ended up buying three cotton sarees, one for her, two for myself. I also bought an Ikat blouse piece from there. We also visited Lepakshi, Andhra emporium. I bought three more blouse pieces from there. I met Ritu Venkatesh there. She recognised me via my mom becos of the the pictures I post on FB. It was good to see her after 32 years.... Ritu, you are welcome to share my mom's sarees.....

Somehow I did not like any of the stuff from other state emporium. We came back after having lunch at Coffee Home.

It was well worth it, wearing that saree. Many asked about it. Next time, I drape it, I will do so with a tank top! I need to experiment.....

Mom took that picture of my back by mistake, I added it here to show the Aanchal....

Thursday, 7 May 2015

12/100 Kora Cotton from South



Draping a saree is no longer a chore. I look forward to each new day becos of it. Vacations start from May 11 officially but technically from May 9. One more day before schools reopen on June 27. However, I will be going to school on and off. I am not sure if I would be draping sarees or not.

The saree I have draped here, is a kora cotton from the South. Pink with green border and aanchal. There is bit of gold work too. Very light and easy to wear. Again I have accessorised it with pearl necklace, danglers and kadas. I never ever accessorised my sarees before this pact. I am basically lazy about such stuff.

That bag is a perfect match but it does not belong to me. Anything for a photo....grin emoticon

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

11/100 South Cotton



Three green sarees in three consecutive days. Different shades, different materials, different combinations. This one is a South cotton and very soft to wear. Green and red is a classic combination. And there are white dots all over the body.

Again a gift some 20 years ago from my youngest mamiji. (ChandanPramod Mamu, please note) I have draped it many times. Found it again after many many years.

Matched it with a Sambalpuri blouse and accessorised with pearl ear drops, kada and neck piece. I need more of those.

Here you see me with one of my sr colleagues, Mayama'am. She drapes sarees most of the times.....

Monday, 4 May 2015

10/100 Kota like saree from South



Again a gift from eldest SIL in Mar 2015. Love the colour combination. A silk cotton kota type saree. 

It is Buddha Poornima today. My dad passed away 13 years ago on this day. I went to the Jagannath Temple with my mom for that. I decided to drape this saree. It has no fall stitched as yet.

Visiting temples does provide us mental peace and satisfies the spirituality....
BTW, I don't need any excuse to drape a saree. Not any more.

I accessorized it with filigree eard-rops gifted by my mom....

Saturday, 2 May 2015

9/100 South Cotton Silk



I love this bottle green saree with magenta in the border and anchal. It is a South Cotton. Easy to wear and easy to the eye.....

I don't recall where I bought this but I have draped it many times. Somehow it brings out the best in me. Moodwise and otherwise. I have accessorised it with
Seed pearl earrings and neck piece.

It was such a busy and hectic day. But I was happy all day becos of my saree....
And it sure feels good when a few of my colleagues have started draping sarees inspired by yours truly......

Friday, 1 May 2015

8/100 Georgette Pink Grey saree from CTC



I had bought this saree for my youngest SIL. It has checked embroidery with small flowers in the rhombus. Pink body, grey border and pallu with pink embroidery. My SIL gave it back as she does not drape sarees much. I had not noticed the embroidery. I bought it becos I liked the colour combination and know that my SIL likes pink.

Anyway, it came back to me and today I draped it for the first time with a black/purple neck piece, a gift from a fellow book blogger. 

It is Georgette and easy to drape. It falls gracefully. Very good for everyday wear for work..