Sunday, 31 May 2015

15/100 Mysore Silk



Sometimes things you have not planned happens. I was having a lazy weekend. In my disreputable clothes. I got a call to meet someone. It was a date of sorts! 

Who goes to meet friends wearing a saree? But I decided to do that. Now this saree has a story. I prefer to drape Odisha sarees most of the times. I have plenty and I also keep buying.

My brother shifted to Bangalore in Jan 2002. His family was in Delhi. They were to shift in May. However, my dad passed away in May and his family did not shift till the next year, that is 2003. My SIL decided to stay in Delhi to support my maa who had gone to pieces after my dad's passing away. 

They shifted in May 2003. At that time, my youngest SIL was working in C DOT. She had to go to Bangalore in June. She asked me if I would like to go as she was taking her son with her. I was missing my brother and his family and agreed to go. We stayed there for a week. In the day time, my SIL did her office work, evenings we used to visit various places. One day was for shopping. I bought this Mysore silk saree, only one in my collection till date. It is easy to drape but I have not draped it much. Maybe twice. I bought that blouse from Nalli long time back. It goes with many of my sarees. If anyone suggests for any other blouse with this saree, I would welcome it.

Coming back to meeting my friend, he was surprised to see me in a saree. He had not expected it but he was pleased. 

We were so busy chatting, catching up, that we forgot to take pictures. So my pics after coming back home, taken by my mom...

Accessories, as usual, Pearl ear-drops! Very predictable, no?!

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