Monday, 20 April 2015

1/100 Hakoba Saree Gift from SIL



I was in some kind of stress for the last three weeks. Pledging for #100sareepact got me out it to a great extent. Now I have something to look forward each day. Preparation starts the night before as I leave for school at 6:30 AM

This sari was given to me by my eldest SIL, Sujata Tripathy. She bought it from a Hakoba Exhibition. I had borrowed it from her lots of times. Maybe she was fed up with that..:D Finally she gave it me along with the blouse and petticoat...;)

That blouse is short in length for the likes of me. So I matched the sari with coffee colored blouse with Gold borders on the sleeves. I love the pastel shade of the sari with embroidery all over with off-white silken threads. The blouse I chose to wear enhanced the sari.

I seldom wear costume jewelery. Today I made an exception of it. I had bought these danglers from Dilli Haat, INA from a stall from Odisha. The bracelet is a gift from mt youngest SIL. She bought it for me from Somnath, Gujarat. These made a nice change from my usual wear of Gold, Silver and Platinum. I look forward to buy more such stuff. And I also I look forward to more such gifts from my relatives and friends. 

All are welcome, to gift, to comment, to praise, etc etc. You get my gist?

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