Wednesday, 29 July 2015

29/100 Old is Maroon Gold


Yesterday I had got ready for school draping this saree. Got a lot of messages saying it was a holiday as our most loved president Dr Kalam had passed away the previous day.

Changed back into something casual. However, got a call saying "get to school". I did not drape it again and went to school as I was.

Today I draped it again and counting for 29. Although, I can cheat it for 30!

My mom had bought two such sarees from Odisha, this one and a navy blue one. My SIL has the navy blue one. I have draped this Sambalpuri cotton saree lots of times and loved it every time. I had also stitched a Sambalpuri blouse to match it but that blouse disintegrated long time ago. Today I matched with a handloom blouse.

The highlight of my ensemble was the pair of earrings I had put on. Cane ones, very light weight and bought from Dilli Haat in May 2015. Also I am a no accessory person, most of my colleagues were surprised to see me such earrings.

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