Friday, 31 July 2015

30/100 Taant is in love with Khadi


Last day of July. End of a horrible month. We had a retirement party for one of the class 4 staff. Long speeches, gifts, had it all. I wish him well for his future..

I draped this dark blue taant saree with an embroidered khadi blouse. I had bought this blouse piece long time back from Khadi Gramyod Bhavan. My mom stitched the blouse only recently.

Right now everyone seems to be going gaga over Kalamkari blouses. However, give me a Khadi Blouse any time. I can mix and match it with any thing.....

About the saree, my youngest SIL had gone to Kolkata for a Seminar when she was working in C-DOT. She bought taant sarees for all of us. Mine has since disintegrated and this one belonged to mom. As she does not wear dark colours anymore, she gave it to me. I draped it for the first time today. I had planned on wearing a red ikat kurti blouse with it but that blouse turned out to be too loose.

My earrings are bought locally for a pittance.

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