Monday, 14 September 2015

43/100: Lavender coloured Organdie



It was some 20 years back. I was gifted an orange Organdie saree with shadow work. I loved that saree even though it had a mind of its own. It did not hug my body and stayed away as much it could. 

One day I set my mind to embroider a saree just like that. Bought the material in pinkish purple along with the embroidery threads and made my younger brother sketch the design on the raw saree. I was all set to do heavy thread work. I did the border, the anchal and lost interest half way through. I forced myself to do the coloured motifs so as to make the saree wearable. I even stitched an Sambalpuri Ikat blouse for it. I draped that saree many many times. One fine day, I told my mom to give it away. That was 10 years ago.

Recently, I was looking out for sarees to drape for the pact and mom gave this back to me. She hadn't given it away as she remembered how I had worked hard for it. I fell in love with it again. 

Today I draped it with a newly stitched Sambalpuri Ikat blouse, coincidentally the same shade as before. I accessorized it with an Amethyst necklace bought from some Emporium. 

I got a lot of compliments for the saree and the Ikat blouse. Such a busy day but everything looked rosy. Like my saree.

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