Wednesday, 30 September 2015

49/100: Earthy toned Cotton Saree


Once upon a time, we used to look forward to the last day of the month. We called it last working day. It used to be a holiday for the students. We did all the pending work and enjoyed as well. But that was a long long time back. It started with extra classes for X and XII. And one fine day, the mid day meal was started and hence no holiday for any of the students. Now it is a half day for all except class XII. As I teach the same, no break for me. 

Summative Assessments I are going on. It was a no exam day. And no teaching day as well. After a long long time. But.....yes, there is always a was very busy than usual. We have 4400+ girls in our school. Being the Examination In Charge is a big responsibility. I do have a great team who put their best. Pre-planning is very important. That, when the exam is going to be in 50+ rooms. Need I say more? 

My SIL gifted this saree to mom when she was there with them in early 2013. It is earthy pink with greenish blackish pallu and border. It has a checked Ikat pallu. I tried pairing with all kinds of blouses but found plain black goes best with it. My earrings are brass ones from Odisha. 

BTW, we did have a Tikki chaat party. After that stomach infection, I loved eating junk food!

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