Thursday, 17 September 2015

45/100: Sambalpuri cotton Kargil Saree



Ganesha Chaturthi. I took a leave from school and mom and I did the puja. We did it usual way with our metal idol. We don't have to get him home each year as he is already at home. Permanently. 

Post puja, I was trying to write a few poems. My muse was gone and I was trying my best to call him back. I wrote half a poem. Better than nothing...

I and mom decided to go to a Weavers Exhibition in Aga Khan Hall, near Mandi house. I ended up buying more stuff than I wanted.I bought a Kanjeevaram,an Uppada, a Dhakai Jamdaani, an Indigo Chanderi and a bamboo saree. I also bought a few kantha blouses. I would have bought more but mom said I ought leave something for Dussehra/Diwali shopping!!

My mom is very knowledgeable about handloom weaves. She can recognize easily the difference between handloom and powerloom products. I wasn't aware of that! 

I gotta stop buying sarees. I have more than enough now.

By the way, I am draping a greyish-mustardish Kargil saree and mom is draping a Passapali. Both new and without fall. I paired with a red Ikat blouse.

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