Thursday, 4 June 2015

16/10 Odisha Cotton



Some of our friends are forever. And when they say, we must meet, one has to do that. Sarita Saxena, and I were colleagues from 1997 to 2007. A firm friendship formed between the two of us and we used to take leave from school to hangout with each other. At one time, she used to be only one possessing a credit card and we used to go shopping on the strength of that. I especially remember one such time. It was 31 March. Results had been declared. In those times, after declaration of result, students as well as teachers did not have to stay back for that day.

I, Kavita and Sarita went to a CTC sale. It used to be a big event at one time. None of us had much money in our pockets except for Sarita having a credit card. We shopped and shopped upto her credit limit. I bought four sarees and when I drape those, I remember that day vividly.

Today when I met her after two years, the years in between simply melted away. We shopped at Gurjari, Nalli and Khadi Gramyodog Bhawan. We had lunch at Sarvana Bhawan and coffee at Cafe Coffee Day. In CP, New Delhi.

Now about the saree, this is a Odisha Sambalpuri cotton saree. I bought it in mid may, this year from the state emporium. Wore a plain dark blue contrast blouse. 
The eardrops are from a local market. 

I tried my best to persuade Sarita to drape a saree as well. Maybe next time.

Here is to more such outings and more such memories.....

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