Friday, 12 June 2015

20/100 Odisha Sambalpuri Cotton Handloom



Hot humid Delhi. And you are invited to a housewarming party. What do you do? You go there in a cool cotton saree!!

I am doing the admissions for Class XI, so I went to that housewarming party directly from school.

This saree belonged to my mom and now it belongs to me. How? We had gone to a resort in Toshali, near Puri, way back in 2004. One of those days, we visited my eldest Mami. My eldest mama is no more and my mom is very fond of her SIL. This saree was a gift to my mom from her SIL, my mami. Such a beautiful Odisha Sambalpuri Handloom cotton. (I too was gifted a saree but that story is for another day). Both the sarees were gifted with falls and sides stitched along with blouses and petticoats. (Readymade choli cut cotton blouses are easily available in Odisha and West Bengal).

I draped that saree on that resort for some kind of function with a black sleeveless blouse.

After that, I have draped it many, many times with different blouses. Mom is too happy to see me wearing it and gave it to me.

Today I draped it with one of my favourite Khadi blouses and the lightweight cane earrings.

I love the body, the bordered, the pallu of this saree. 

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