Tuesday, 9 June 2015

18/100 Kasavu cotton from Kerala



Seminar day 2. On day 1, there was not much accomplished. Except for catching up with old friends. I and another colleague of mine had a great chatting session. We simply needed to share our thoughts and all that had happened in the past one year.

The hall is big but fans are far between. As Delhi is reeling under heat wave, those fans don't help. Sitting at one place for 6 hours with 30 min break is a bit too much. What do we do? We walk out of that hall and walk the corridors to beat the heat.

Today, in the last session, we were given a topic and do free writing on that. I composed a poem in less than five minutes and read it out. Felt good to do so for an audience, that too in a saree!

I am draping a Kasavu cotton saree with orange, mauve and gold border. I had bought it from Kochi airport way back in Mar 2012. My brother, his family, mom and I had gone on a vacation to South. We visited Meenakshi temple, Rameswaram and finally travelled to Munnar. I virtually did no shopping exceot for various spices and tea from the tea gardens. When we were returning, it hit me hard in the airport that I had not bought a single saree for myself and mom. So I ended up buying this saree and a dupatta for myself along with another saree for mom.

The blouse is khadi, dark brown with typical khadi embroidery in yellow. I am very partial to Khadi blouses. My Jhumkis are bought from a local market.

I have draped this saree once before in August 2012 on the eve of Independence day, with a green blouse to give it a tricolour affect. I have a picture of that. See the last photo.

I almost always wear different blouses with the same saree as many times as I drape it. That gives the saree a new look...

14/08/2012, with a green blouse

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