Wednesday, 10 June 2015

19/100 Printed Bordered Cotton Saree



Seminar day 3. Reached early. Surprisingly the session too started on time. The resource person was one of the best. She involved all of us. One of the exercises was collage making in 15 minutes. Ours was one of the best presented as it was larger than the other one. (I had won first prize last year, in inter-district collage making!!)

About this saree, I had bought it for my mom some 12 years back. She draped it only once and gave it back to me as she wears light coloured sarees. It is a soft cotton saree with a beautiful border with a matching blouse piece. It has small hand embroidered flowers all over the body. I seldom wear the matching blouse with that particular saree. However, this blouse goes with few others sarees too.

My ear-drops are made from cane and I bought those from Dilli Haat, INA fairly recently. Very lightweight.

I must mention here that I am enjoying draping my sarees. It has given me confidence and I feel a sense of well being...

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