Monday, 8 June 2015

17/100 Bengal Taant



Our dept. conducts seminars during summer vacations for teachers every year. It is done subject-wise. At one time, it used to be for two weeks, which was reduced to one week, then 5 days and now for 4 days only.

I am not going to comment on the learning aspect but it sure feels good to meet other teachers from the same subjects from other schools.

Sometimes the infrastructure, where is seminar is being conducted is good. At times, it is not up to the mark. Yet somehow we end up waiting for the next year's Seminar.

Such official gatherings means one can drape sarees. More so after signing the 100 saree pact.

Here my saree is a Bengal Cotton, what is basically known as taant. Light shade of mustard and very easy to wear. It has bootis all over. I wore it with a contrast blouse.

I think, my youngest SIL bought it from Kolkata when she had gone there for an official tour. She had brought sarees for all of us. This one she had given to mom.

Accessories are only my ear-drops randomly bought from a local market.

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