Monday, 5 October 2015

51/100: Kasavu with Gold Green border


I am Odiya and was born in Jeypore, Odisha. I have never lived in Odisha. All of my education has been in Delhi, except for Class 1 and 2 in Pantnagar, UP. I have three brothers. All of us speak Odiya fluently. (I speak 6 languages). I have never been ashamed of my native language or anything that has to do with Odisha. I am rather very proud of my heritage.

However, I find that most Odiya people do not speak the language. They teach their kids to speak only in Hindi or English at home. When I speak in Odiya to their kids, they tell me, "we have not taught them the language. Even we have forgotten some of the words as we rarely speak it. We only speak it when someone from Odisha comes to visit us."

I want to know why. What is wrong in speaking one's mother tongue? My nephews and nieces speak it at home and also outside of it if they meet Odiya people. We all are richer for it. I know I am venting but it saddens me too.

I love my country, all parts of saree.....a Kasavu paired with an Odisha Ikat blouse. This saree was gifted to my mom by my eldest SIL,Sujata Tripathy.

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