Wednesday, 14 October 2015

55/100: Printed Garden Vareli



When I joined the teaching profession, I was in a good place in my mind. Teaching, interacting, counselling are mandatory aspects. So is marking papers, which we absolutely loath to do!

I finished marking 125 papers of Class 12. Question paper is of 100 marks, so you can imagine how much time I had to devote to each answer sheet. Initially it takes around 50 min for each and subsequently the time lessens as we get used to the questions and of course the answers. We come down to 15 min per sheet.

When the evaluation part gets over, we are like...ah...freedom! Until then, we keep asking our many have you done? We envy the person whose work finishes first! 

So now what? Census work looms large.......

I was looking for a Royal Blue saree. Couldn't find one in cotton. Decided to wear this printed Garden Vareli marble chiffon saree with a newly stitched blue handloom blouse. 

I am tired but so what? 

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