Wednesday, 7 October 2015

52/100: Mustard Gold Chanderi Silk



My mom is in her late 70s. All those who live with senior citizens are aware that it is no cakewalk. It goes without saying that I love my mom. And she loves me just as much. However, she tries my patience all the time.

One thing I realized that she needs a listener and I listen. With half an ear. She doesn't like it but does she have a choice?!!

She is in her late seventies but I take her along almost everywhere and she likes that. She lives life to the fullest. Somedays she insists to go out somewhere and I am all for it!

I can't imagine my life without her. She is feisty and I am restrained! I don't like it when one of my brothers invite her to stay with them. Not that she goes! 

I can write a book about her quirks but I will leave that for some other time.

This Chanderi silk belongs to her. Gifted to her by my youngest SIL's family when her brother got married. I have always eyed it. She draped it only once and gave it to me as she did not like it for its transparency. I matched it with a magenta handloom blouse  from Nalli.

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