Tuesday, 13 October 2015

54/100: Off White Sambalpuri with tiny checks



A post graduate in Chemistry, I started my teaching career with Math. Taught it to middle and secondary classes for many years. Now teaching English to class 12 for the last three years. Yes, I am a post graduate in English too. 

Life has been interesting. From pure sciences to pure maths and then to literature. I am a poet too. Writen more than 2000 poems in English. Published in Ezines. I also read like crazy and write book reviews. I have two very popular blogs, one for poetry, other for book reviews. 

When I hear people say, we don't have time, I don't believe that. The problem is, Time Management. I have succeeded doing that fairly well. I have set time slots for each of my interests and try to stick to that. And if I am unable to do that, I don't beat myself. I simply carry it over. 

Life throws many surprises and we have to accept that and welcome those. 

This Sambalpuri is very old, belongs to my mom. Has tiny checks. I have always loved it. Paired with a printed blouse. It is some random fabric bought from local market. I liked it and got a blouse made out of it.

No accessories. Right now, no time nor interest....

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