Thursday, 15 October 2015

56/100: Mustard Tangail Silk Saree



Once upon a time, I used to fast during the Navratris. I mean, no cereals, no pulses and and big no no for certain vegetables. It led to eating all kinds of "allowed" stuff. And I ended up eating more than the usual. So one fine day, I snapped out of it. What use is fasting if I think of food whole day long?

I told Durga maa the same and stopped fasting. She has no issues with that and loves me the as only a mother can love her child. Now I do the regular puja each morning. And then go about my life. Like every year, this year too, I shall be visiting the Puja pandals, starting from Anand mela. I, so look forward to it!

This mustard tangail silk saree belonged to my youngest SIL. As she no longer drapes sarees, she gave it to me. I have paired with a turquoise two by two rubia blouse. Does anyone wear such blouses any more?

I think this saree nicely follows the colour code of third day of Navratri, this year...

Such a busy time in school but my official photographer did not let me down. She takes my pics even when I am half dead, about to drop flat on the ground!

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