Monday, 2 November 2015

62/100: Printed Kashmiri Silk



Pre-Diwali week, the time when one is on a house cleaning spree, shopping spree and what not!

We must not forget the lights. I get so nostalgic when I put up the lights. My dad used to put together the holders for the zero watt bulbs of all hues and colours. I was the one who helped him. He used to sit at one place and I was the one handing him wires cut to the right length as specified by him, the holders, the pliers, the screw driver etc etc.

Or we worked simultaneously. I, with one set of wires and holders and he with another. Each year we would get those wired stuff and check out the holders.

Only then we put those lights up. Next step was checking the bulbs. The first Diwali, after he passed away in May 2002, I couldn't stay at home. I and mom went to Bhubaneswar.

However, from 2003 till date, I and mom put up those very same wired holders after checking those the same as before. And we talk of dad. His quirks, idiosyncrasies etc. He loved Diwali. He was very enthusiastic about fireworks and all.

We no longer buy crackers but we ensure to put up the lights, diyas and prepare a lot of sweets. Gifting is part and parcel of the festival. And it continues.

Coming back, my saree is a printed Kashmiri silk bought in a sale. Paired with a red Ikat blouse. I like the off white and red 

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