Sunday, 8 November 2015

65/100: Orange Gold Khandua Silk Saree



Kick start to the festive season and parties galore!

Well, yesterday it was two saree day! Nip in the air makes one reach out for silks. And it was wedding reception of a colleague's son.

Delhi is known for its bling and I own only one blingy lehenga saree, which is a big no no!

So here I am draped in a traditional silk. Gold orange Khandua pata from Odisha. This saree changes colour under different lights. Sometimes gold, sometimes orangish yellow and in rare times, a bit purplish too. One of my earlier purchases, I love it. I lost count of the times I have draped it. Paired with a mix and match blouse and pearl accessories....

My colleagues were draped in sarees and looked good!

Let's come to the food many choices....and all so yummy. I gorged and gorged. In fact, every one did that.....

Who else is inviting me next?!

Nov 07, 2015

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