Saturday, 7 November 2015

64/100: Beige Mysore Silk Saree



Middle who is left alone most of the times, one who is more independent than the older and the youngest one. Technically I share that spot with my second brother. Although years apart, we had more in common in our childhood years.

According to my mom, he always wished for a sister and when I was born, he seldom left my side. I have faint memories of following him about. He was my champion, my hero. It continued till he passed out from school and got into IIT. And suddenly, he was in hostel!

As it happens with everyone, we drifted apart after that. I still looked up at him when he used to come back in holidays. But now I was the sister who pestered him and no teenager likes that!

By the time I had passed out from school, he was married.....and......I got busy with higher my studies.....

The closeness did come back.....after his daughter got married.....I realized I had always missed that. With him, I am again the little girl who followed him around, and he, my champion.

Brothers feel the same way as sisters. But they are not as demonstrative as us. I ought to know. I have three of them! In my next posts, I will talk about my other two brothers.....

It is a saree post after all. So here I go.....

Mysore silk, beige with gold black border. It belonged to my younger SIL. One fine day, she gave this undraped saree to my mom. Now mom draped it only once. I landed up with it. I have paired it with a two by two rubia blouse. I do have an Ikat blouse perfect for the saree but couldn't find it! Accessorised with bronze danglers from Odisha....

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